BetterFutureCoffee is a coffee Roastery founded by three super-enthusiastic guys from Heidelberg.

They first approached me when they were just thinking about starting a coffee business together. There was no name yet – the only thing they knew was that they wanted to sell “good” coffee. Planting mangrove trees for every coffee bag sold – only biological beans – direct contact to the coffee farmers… that´s just the beginning!

Of course, I was blown away by this business idea! And of course, I wanted to be a part of it.

I developed the name “betterfuturecoffee” together with the logo of the seedling coming out of the coffee bean 🙂 I also designed a stamp for them to use on the coffeebags they are selling without a label and the packaging for their first roast “StammKaffee”.

The pictures were taken by Pascal Klaiber.


betterfuturecoffee packaging design
stamp betterfuturecoffee